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Legal Update

Defense Attorney Amy Fairfield Sued By Maine Ag Over Billing Practices

In international locations just like the United States, which have fused legal professions, there are trial attorneys who specialize in attempting cases in court docket, however trial legal professionals wouldn’t have a authorized monopoly like barristers. In some international locations, litigants have the choice of arguing pro se, or on their very own behalf. It is widespread for litigants to appear unrepresented before sure courts like small claims courts; indeed, many such courts do not enable lawyers to talk for their purchasers, in an effort to save money for all individuals in a small case. In other international locations, like Venezuela, nobody may appear before a decide unless represented by a lawyer.

  • Washoe County District Attorney Chris Hicks has been on opposing sides of the courtroom from Houston, together with on the homicide trial of Chaz Higgs.
  • Plea – In a felony case, the defendant’s statement pleading “guilty” or “not