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Federal Decide Trims Attorney Charges In Flint Water Disaster Civil Case

The office also serves as counsel to the Virtual Charter School Board, which on Oct. thirteen might vote to terminate the contract with Epic. Meanwhile, the State Auditor and Inspector’s lawsuit in pursuit of public records to account for Epic’s earlier use of one other $79 million in taxpayer dollars for something Epic calls its “Learning Fund” seems to have stalled. At issue is the reality that Epic has maintained one single governing board with the identical members for both of its two legally separate faculties whereas the two schools share administrators and lots of teachers.

  • On June 5, Epic publicly introduced it had a take care of iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas, or iSVA, a public charter college, to offer college students there in grades 3-12 its blended studying mannequin, which mixes online and in-person instruction.
  • At the varsity system’s October governing board meeting, college leaders stated Epic presently