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Things You Must Know After a Car Mishap in Henderson

Following a car mishap in Henderson, you must file a case against the at-fault driver. You can sue the negligent driver for reckless driving or not following traffic rules, which led to your injury. 

If the mishap was caused due to a manufacturing defect in the vehicle, you can sue the car manufacturer. You have a legal right to sue the other party following any mishap in Henderson. 

But it is not easy to ascertain the real cause of the accident. You must consult Naqvi Injury Law firm for further legal actions.

A Thorough Investigation

Hiring an expert car accident attorney will help you know the real cause of the accident. If unsafe roads and improper traffic lights caused the mishap, you can bring a lawsuit against the city.

Your lawyer will investigate the case from several angles before drawing any conclusion. The attorney will fix accountability and find the real reason that caused the mishap. 

If you were at the receiving end or sustained grievous injuries, you can seek damages from the defendant. 

You can seek monetary compensation on the following grounds: 

  • Reimbursement of medical bills and hospitalization charges
  • Economic losses due to lost wages
  • Vehicle repairing costs
  • Physical pains and mental suffering

Comparative Negligence Law

If an accident was caused because of your mistake, you can still seek damages. Under Nevada’s comparative negligence law, if your fault is less than 50%, you can get compensation.

Suppose an accident resulted in $100,000 in damages and the court held that you were 40% at fault for overspeeding the car; you would still get $60000 as compensation (60% of your damages).

However, under Nevada’s statute of limitations, you have to get your lawsuit filed within two years.

The Rules of Statute of Limitations in Nevada

All accident cases need to be reported to the nearest police station. If the plaintiff wants to sue the defendant, they must bring a lawsuit against the at-fault driver through their attorney. You must have enough circumstantial evidence to legally pursue the case. Get the case filed within two years from the date of the actual mishap. 

In Conclusion

After an accident, don’t leave the spot. You should instead collect as much evidence as possible. Seek medical attention if you suffered an injury. You need not speak too often in front of the law enforcement agency or the insurance company. Never say or admit that your mistake caused the accident. It is a matter of an investigation to ascertain the real cause of the wreckage.

Visit a nearby hospital even if you feel no pain. Let the doctor examine your injury or wound. If everything is fine, the doctor may ask you to go home. When you reach home, you must contact a lawyer for further action. 

Your lawyer will leave no stone unturned to assist you in getting the amount of monetary compensation from the defendant or insurance company. 

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